Can you support two Australian doctors to go help the people of Madagascar?


Our Mission & Vision

To provide much needed medical care to the Malagasy people

As doctors, we are passionate about providing high quality health care and as Christians we are passionate about justice and equality for all people. The disparity in health care and outcomes between Australia and many developing nations, including Madagascar, weighs heavily on our hearts.

In Madagascar, one in five children dies before the age of five and 50% of the population suffers from malnutrition.

We feel compelled to take our skills somewhere they can really make a difference by improving the health outcomes and quality of life for the Malagasy people.



Drs Shannon & Brendan Petersen
and daughter Willow

Where are we going?

Mandritsara, a small town in the north of Madagascar.

When are we planning to go?

We are planning to leave Australia in September 2021.

What will we be doing there?

We will be working as doctors on the wards and clinics of the Good News Hospital (HVMM), as well as with the Community Health Evangelism (CHE) team who bring health and bible teaching to hard to reach villages.

Why are we going?

Because too many people suffer and die unnecessarily in Madagascar, many of whom have never heard the gospel before, and we want to do something about that.

We are a family of four — Brendan & Shannon (doctors based in Sydney, Australia) with two children, Willow and Josiah.

We currently both work primarily in general practice, but Shannon has also worked and trained in Obstetrics & Gynaecology. We both share a passion for community health and development.

Cross cultural medical work has been on our heart for a really long time, although the calling to Madagascar is one that has evolved gradually over the past 5-6 years.

A bit of background — how it all started!

In 2013, we joined a short-term team sent by our church (Northside Community Church, Sydney) to Madagascar, to work alongside an Australian non-profit organisation called Thrive Madagascar.

We started working for Thrive in 2016, implementing and overseeing the health programs. Over the next five years, we visited Madagascar regularly, launched many programs and fell in love with the Malagasy people.

Last year we said a tearful goodbye to Thrive, as all the health work was able to be handed over to the Malagasy staff. During this visit to Madagascar, we had the opportunity to fly up to Mandritsara for a few days to visit the Good News Hospital (HVMM).

After a lot of prayer, conversation and debate, we felt led to pursue long term mission at HVMM as it seems to be a perfect meeting of our medical skills with our passion to see the unreached people of Madagascar come to know Jesus.

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Drs Shannon & Brendan Petersen family